One of my 2020 new year resolutions was to clean out our unfinished basement that has become our holding spot for all of our junk. One thing that has started to build up in one corner was old paint.  How do you get rid of old paint in Atlanta? You are not supposed to simply just throw it in the garbage can (unless you take measures to solidify the paint first). If you want to dispose old paint in Atlanta, one place you can take it to is CHaRM (the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials). It’s located around the Grant Park area (just behind the Beacon commercial area). 

I took a drive over there with my old paints and the process was very easy. You simply drive up to the area where they collect the paint and there were helpers readily available to help me unload my 125 lbs of paint! CHaRM will take the first 25 lbs for free and then charge $.25/lb thereafter. So, I ended up paying $25 but it is tax-deductible. I looked online and found another option for paint disposal and it seemed to be even pricier so I figured CHaRM was my best bet. They also do tons of other recycling! Check out their website here to learn more and for their drop-off hours.

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