Are you on the fence about whether to buy a townhome or a condo?  I find many buyers struggle with this decision.  A townhome or a condo is perfect for those that want to have home ownership but not deal with as much maintenance as a single-family home (particularly yard maintenance).  However, which is the best option for you?  I’ve made a list of several key items that differentiate a townhome and a condo and perhaps these will help make your decision clearer in which direction you should go.

Key Factors To Decide Between a Townhome or a Condo:

Overall Space:  A townhome typically feels more like a single-family home than a condo.  A condo will have more of an apartment feeling and most likely less storage space.

Neighbors:  In a townhome you won’t have any neighbors on top or below you (only potentially on each side of you).  In a condo, you could have neighbors above, beside, and below your unit.  The plus side for a condo owner – you typically will get to know more of your neighbors as you pass them in the communal hallways, lobbies, or parking lots.

Parking:  Most newer townhomes these days have attached garages or else the option to park is directly in front each unit.  In a condo, you are typically given an assigned parking space in a parking garage and then have to walk to a main entrance door (this is in a typical high-rise situation).

Storage: A townhome will typically have more bedrooms/flex space & storage than a condo.  Condo units do usually have storage lockers that you can rent or buy which helps with storing some of those once or twice a year items you don’t use very often.

Access to Your Front Door:  With a townhome, you never have to deal with riding up and down elevators to get to your unit.  Depending on the size of the condo building, you may have to get used to riding elevators everyday or walking down long hallways.  This can be a pain for lugging in groceries, etc but over time you would get used to it.

Security: Some townhome complexes will have gated communities while others won’t & generally less security is on hand than in a condo complex.  In a condo complex, you may have gated access but in high-rise buildings you might also have 24 hour concierge service.

Maintenance: Townhomes will most likely require more maintenance than a condo.  Most HOA’s will take care of exterior maintenance (landscaping, exterior lights).  In a townhome complex, you may be more responsible for taking care of deck maintenance, windows, garage doors, the roof, etc.  In a condo, you will have to worry even less about maintenance.

Amenities: Townhome complexes are less prone to have an exercise facility or pool than a condo.

Pets: While having a pet in a condo building is generally allowed, it will be more of a chore to get the pet outdoors (walking down hallways, using elevators, etc).  The condo complex may or may not have a pet-friendly area for dogs to roam around and take care of business. In a townhome, it’s very easy to open the door and take a pup for a walk.  The chances for a green space are much higher in a townhome.

Cost: In general, I find that townhomes cost more than a condo BUT this is not always the case.  Some of your higher-end condo buildings can cost more (they usually come with killer views and envious locations).

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