Sandy's TownhouseHip hip hooray!  Sandy has a townhome in Inman Park after patiently (I think?) searching for about 10 months!  Sandy had been renting in Inman Park and was in love with its walkability for her and her pup Hunter.  She really wanted to stay in the area if possible and find a townhome in Inman Park that was well maintained.  The search wasn’t exactly easy.  Inman Park is overwhelmingly popular and buyers pretty much have to be ready to go out and view a property the day it gets listed.  Sandy was very good at going out ASAP to view potential listings and making very strong offers.  We got outbid on 3 offers but Sandy remained patient and optimistic.  This finally paid off and we finally landed a nice 2/2.5 townhome in Inman Mews, which was getting multiple offers but we came out on top!  What is funny is the first time I met with Sandy, she mentioned Inman Mews as one of her favorite townhome complexes.  Who knew that 10 months later she would get her wish!

It was truly a pleasure working with Sandy.  I think her and I have similar tastes, so it’s always fun to shop with someone who has the same style.  Best wishes in your new townhome Sandy (and Hunter)!

If you are looking for a townhome in Inman Park, see what is currently available HERE.


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