Virginia Highland seems to have a revolving door of stores.  If you haven’t taken a stroll down the main drag lately, here is the latest scoop on the newest stores in Virginia Highland.

Empire South

Empire South is the most recent new store opening in Virginia Highland (debuting in mid October 2017).  This store is in the location that replaced the Half Moon Outfitters.  I happened to pop into the store on it’s 2nd full day and met the owner.  This isn’t their very first store. In fact, they have 3 other locations in Northeast Georgia.  While they have been constantly looking to get into the Atlanta market, they were patient to wait for the right location.   I think they will fit in with the local vibe here in Virginia Highland.  The overall feel of the store is southern style – casual but comfortable and practical.  The store has a decent selection of women’s clothing – from simple, solid colors to chic flowery prints.  There’s comfy dresses & tops to blouses that can be dressed up or down.  There is a small collection of trendy costume jewelry too.  I was most surprised to find that there is a fairly plentiful selection of men’s clothing.  From polos to t-shirts and outdoors wear, it has a little bit of everything.  Name brands like Patagonia, Orvis, & Vineyard Vines are just a few examples of what you’ll find in the store.  The overall prices of items are not outrageous.  Of course, some very popular name brands like Patagonia will have the higher price tags, but it is do-able to find shirts, dresses, etc that don’t break the bank.  Check out all the details online: I’m hoping this store can stick around!

Art Bath Soul

Art Bath Soul is the new Virginia Highland soap shop located in the tiny space next to George’s in Virginia Highland.  It replaced the Pie Shop (if you can even remember it’s short existence in the space).  Art Bath Soul features a bountiful supply of fragrant bath salts, oils, and scrubs.  My personal take on the store is that it’s not going to last, similar to many of the predecessors that tried to open shop in that space. (Not trying to be a Debbie Downer – just giving my two cents for what it’s worth).   I had high hopes for this one but to be honest, I much prefer a Bath & Body works to the product offerings found in this store.  You can find the full range of products and pricing on its website:


Vernacular has been around Virginia Highland for awhile now (I think early 2017?) but thought I should mention it. This isn’t the first of its stores but it is the first store to be located outside of Ohio.  The clothing in Vernacular is all women’s clothing and accessories and has everything from dresses, rompers, blouses, and outerwear.  The prices aren’t too steep either which is refreshing to see.  Overall, I think the store carries trendy clothes for the young, modern woman.  You can shop online at –>

Dakota J’s

Dakota J’s isn’t a new store in Virginia Highland by any means (been around since 1996!). It’s been one of the more successful, staple women’s clothing boutiques that has lasted in Virginia Highland. However, in the last year or so, Dakota J’s has moved it’s doors down a few shops to replace 310 Rosemont which has a much larger space. Since the move to the expanded space, there is even more selection of clothing and a noticeably larger selection of jewelry to choose from. You can shop for online at

Also worth mentioning is Judith Bright – the handmade jewelry store.  It too has shifted a few shops and is now located in the previous Dakota J store.  Shop Judith Bright here:

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