Restaurants in Summerhill? Say what? If you haven’t taken a drive through Summerhill lately (in particular along Georgia Ave), you might want to! When Georgia State took over the ownership of the old Braves stadium, there has been all sorts of exciting chatter about the redevelopment of the whole Summerhill area. It has already started to take shape with the addition of several new restaurants in Summerhill.

I just happened to have taken a picture of these vacant buildings along Georgia Ave just 2 years ago in Oct 2017 and look what it has turned into today (in 2019)! There are still some vacant commercial spaces looking for its new tenants but for now you can already enjoy Pizza (Junior’s Pizza), BBQ (Wood’s Chapel BBQ), or across the street there are pastries & coffee at Little Tart and ice-cream next door at Big Softie.

There has been a lot of new home build options over the past few years popping up in the Summerhill area too including the modern farmhouse style, a more contemporary look, and also the charming craftsman house. There is also a new home development by Hedgewood homes currently being built right by the restaurants. There currently is a VIP list you can join to receive more info: If you are curious to see all homes for sale in Summerhill, CLICK HERE to view all current options.

Overall, I’m excited to see the changes happening in Summerhill. The commercial spaces are a great addition to this quaint community. Next time you are in the area, make sure to try out one of these new restaurants in Summerhill!

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