If you are a fan of flavored popcorn or love candy, you should check out Kirkwood’s newest store: Poppa Corn’s Gourmet Popcorn.  It opened around the end of October 2017 just across from Coan Park on Hosea L. Williams Dr SE.  Step inside the store and you’ll be warmly greeted by an employee or in my recent visit, the owner himself.  You’ll first walk in and be dazzled by all the colorful jars of candy.  From Jelly Belly’s and salt water taffy to some old-time candy and my favorite — jars of different colored Sixlets!


After you finish touring the candy, then take a look at the popcorn menu found at the front of the store.  The different colors/flavors of popcorn are a bit overwhelming – everything from sweet & salty (birthday cake flavored popcorn for example) to savory (dill pickle, jalepeno cheddar, and mac&cheese to name a few).  What I love about the popcorn options is you can mix flavors in your bag purchase- afterall, who wants to have to commit to just one flavor per bag?  There are tons of sizes to choose from which is great for gifts or large gatherings/parties.

The owner described the fun things you can do with the popcorn:  Mix your favorite candy colors together to represent your favorite sports team at a tailgate.  Have a birthday party coming up?  Grab popcorn colors that match the birthday color theme.  You can even have the owner print your own logos on the label to use for corporate gifts.  (I just might have to do this in the future!)

Overall, Poppa Corn is one store to drop by and take a look around in.  Sample a few of the popcorn flavors and let yourself fall back into your childlike state as you glaze over all the candy sweets.  (Check out Poppa Corn here: http://poppa-corns.com/)

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