While the Atlanta Diaries building (in Reynoldstown) is still in final construction phase and pretty much all retail spaces are still empty, the one shop on the corner that is open (and was busy while I visited!) was Cold Brew Bar. Have you tried Cold Brew Bar yet?  It is one of Atlanta’s newest, trendy coffee shops that has recently open.  Here is my quick review of the coffee shop.

Upon entering Cold Brew Bar, I was amazed at all the different coffee options. Everything that you can order hot can also come in a cold version (maybe that’s why it is called Cold Brew Bar?) The decor was very serene and “earthy” with natural wood color furniture and several plants for a pop of greenery. 

But back to the coffee – I was dizzy with all the options and decided to order a cold chai tea latte. Well, it turns out their chai tea was unavailable for about 20 minutes (something about a machine being down) so the waitress recommended to me a cold coffee with a whipped, frothy oat milk with a hint of spice to it. Honestly, I just said “ok” and was ready to be surprised. I still don’t really know exactly what it was that I had, but OMG – it was good! It wasn’t too strong of a coffee taste and it packed the caffeine punch. I also ordered a superfood bar which looked like a  homemade granola bar with high quality ingredients. It was surprisingly good and I’d order it again if I was in need of a snack. Cold Brew Bar serves a lot of food items (toasts, overnight oats, yogurt bowls, cookies/pastries), and they even have a kids menu.

The prices are a little high for these fancy coffees in my opinion. My coffee and granola snack ran me $10 & change but I suppose once in awhile it’s worth the splurge…afterall, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. I’d much prefer it over Starbucks! I’ll be excited to come to Cold Brew Bar more when the Atlanta Dairies project is fully open.  

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