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Water Heater Maintenance

Home maintenance is an important part of protecting your investment in your new home. But I have to admit, maintaining the water heater is one of those items that I tend to ignore. So when I found out that water heaters account for 17% of your total household energy...

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Where to Dispose Old Paint in Atlanta

One of my 2020 new year resolutions was to clean out our unfinished basement that has become our holding spot for all of our junk. One thing that has started to build up in one corner was old paint.  How do you get rid of old paint in Atlanta? You are not supposed to...

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Check Out The Beacon In Grant Park

Grant Park has a new hang out hot spot called The Beacon. This isn’t exactly brand new – the buildings have been around for the past year (or more?) but I remember just about a year ago when most commercial spaces were still vacant or had “coming soon” signs in the...

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Restaurants in Summerhill

Restaurants in Summerhill? Say what? If you haven’t taken a drive through Summerhill lately (in particular along Georgia Ave), you might want to! When Georgia State took over the ownership of the old Braves stadium, there has been all sorts of exciting chatter about...

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Should You Refinance?

Have you been monitoring the current interest rates for home loans? Whether you have or haven't, I'm here to tell you that they are low! Just a year ago I heard over and over again that rates were expected to jump up. Well, the very exact opposite happened (thanks to...

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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta 2019

Are you looking at where to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta this year (2019)? Here’s a list of many events happening in the Atlanta area where you can wear your green and celebrate all weekend long. You’ll find both family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day Atlanta events such as the parade in Midtown and tons of outdoor block parties from Midtown, Brookhaven, and Buckhead.

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