Is the Fall/Winter a good time to sell your house? We all know that the Spring and early Summer months are the peak time for homeowners to sell their home. Many home buyers shop during the Spring because the weather is nice and they want to be settled into their new home before the new school year starts and the kickoff to holiday parties begin. But what about the Fall and Winter? Yes, the number of home sales generally does slow down during the Fall and Winter but there are some great reasons why listing in the Fall/Winter may be a good idea.  Here are my top 3 reasons why you should sell your home in the Fall/Winter:

1) Serious buyers are looking in the Fall & Winter

During the Fall/Winter months there are tons of events going on (festivals, holiday parties, football games, etc). People that are serious about finding a home will devote their time to looking at homes even if that means giving up a few hours in the afternoon of watching their favorite football game. This is good for a home seller because you will be able to weed out all the “looky-loo’s” who may go view homes in the Spring and Summer just for the fun of it. Trust me, there are lots of people that inquire about viewing a house with no intention of ever buying anything!  Especially as the temperatures start to get colder, less people will be willing to throw on their coats and scarves to brave the brisk temperatures unless they really REALLY want to see a home.

2) Less Competition

In the Spring and Summer months, everyone wants to list their home because they know there is a huge number of home shoppers out and about. This also means that sellers will have to compete with other homes that are being listed at the same time. In the Fall and Winter months, the number of listings goes down thus giving those serious home shoppers less to choose from. This could make your home shine in the Fall/Winter when it may not have in the Spring/Summer.

3) Buyers Will Get to Envision The Home During the Holidays

When it comes close to the holiday time, one thing sellers should take advantage of is the holidays! Decorating your home to match the season (Fall pumpkins and warm pumpkin scents in the Fall or Christmas garland, lights, and the scent of cinnamon in the Winter) can really help a potential buyer envision what it would be like to spend the holidays in your home. This sense of coziness can really appeal to a buyer’s heart during this time of year.

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